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Andook,, rksaxena, call 9145633744, #andook

Posted by Rishabh K Saxena       Views: 84   Points:20
Andook, rksaxena, call 9145633744, andook,

Andook, #andook,, a company based Internationally working into different services related to crypto currencies or #coins.

Andook, is currently doing marketing of several coins on real time basis, wherein they are promoting several coins by real members who predict the future of and coin. The company also plans to bring first time in industry services like utility services based on crypto currency. The company, has also planned to join hands with several online shopping portals, in these websites or shopping portals any ember would be able to use there #andook earning for different purchases, which would mean a member would not have to shell money form there pockets for doing there regular shopping.

In another quarter the company has planned to introduce there ICO or initial coin offering with which the members would be able to get their hands on the coins which would sooner be launched in the market and would be available for purchases at several exchanges. Now when a member has coins they can encash there existing coins at any of these reputed exchangers, which would be anywhere between 5 to 10 and would also include globally accredited and reputed exchangers.

Andook, is the future of success and earning in terms or coins and in terms of MLM as well, with a binary based model the growth and multiplicity of members joining is going to be really great.

Lets join hands and use the opportunity to work, earn and grow together. Call RIshabh Saxena or rksaxena (#rksaxena) on 9145633744 to get details and to be part of the global opportunity, Andook.

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