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NHT Global Kerala

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Date Sunday 3rd February 2019
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🇮🇳 Pre-Launching🇮🇳

Why did I choose NHT Global while there are millions of MLM companies worldwide👉

☯ NHT GLOBAL's Profile -👉
- USA based MNC.
- Listed on NASDAQ .
- 19 years of old organization.
- NHT GLOBAL provide us E-COMMERCE based platform as world is moving towards it.
-Proud Member of DSA.
-Successfully Running in more than 45 Countries.
-Ranked #1 as Fastest Growing Company consistenly for 2 years in FORTUNE 100 Magzine.

☯ NHT GLOBAL's Products -👉
- There is big range of products in NHT including Herbal, Cosmetic, Beauty-care etc.
-NHT has Signal Molecule Technology based products too.
- Some products are NOBEL PRIZE winning research based.
- 30% Retail Margin
- 🔹Every Month Repurchase is not compulsory.

☯ NHT GLOBAL'S Income Plan-👉
-NHT has Hybrid Compensation Plan which is a combination of Binary and generation.
- Upto 20% Binary.
-🔹 1.40 Cr./month capping or 35 lakhs/week capping.
- Weekly Payout.
- Your Business will Never Go Zero.
- No Hidden Terms and Conditions for Promotion.
-You Can be Retired after enrolling only 2 people.
- Here Single Leg Income is Easily Possible.

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